Mediator (AMSU)

Mrs Beatrice Okwalinga  

Mrs Beatrice Okwalinga is a trained mediator of AMSU; she holds a diploma in Business Studies (ICSA) and has over 20 years’ work experience in the financial management sector, and she has worked both in Uganda and the UK. She is also one of the directors for Teso Education Fund (TEF) that mobilise resources to provide scholarships for disadvantaged children in Teso, Uganda. Mrs Okwalinga sits on the Board of Trustees of MK Uganda Association, Milton Keynes, as Treasurer and takes the lead in Culture and Community Development. She is currently working on ’The Untold Story of Africa’; a project aimed at promoting African values and its diverse culture through history, language, and food. Mrs Okwalinga is a published author of ‘The Taste of Teso’; a cookbook detailing some of the contemporary dishes enjoyed mainly in Teso, Uganda.