Mediator (AMSU)

Mr Michael Okwalinga-Emokol  

Mr Okwalinga-Emokol is a highly respected and skilled mediator of AMSU who has engaged successfully in settling land disputes and other commercial community conflicts in Uganda. He is an African Community leader from the clan of Irarak Imorio with his ancestral home being Kaderun Kosim, Atoot Sub County, Kobwin County, Ngora District Uganda. He was appointed as cultural ambassador and Clan Chief by His Highness, The Emorimor, Papa Iteso, in May 2017 and was elected as Clan Chairman of Ateker Irarak Imorio in November 2019. He has served as a committee member in Iteso Welfare Association (UK), and he is a Trustee of Teso Education Fund (2020). He is also a Trustee of the African and Caribbean Arts and Heritage Union (ACAHU).
Mr Okwalinga-Emokol is a qualified science teacher by profession, and he has taught Chemistry, Maths and General Science at Schools in London UK for over 10 years. He worked with an education Achievement Project at Northampton County Council (UK) aimed at raising the morale, motivation, and educational achievement of children of African-Caribbean heritage.