Senior Lecture and Head of Training for Mediation and Arbitration Practice (AMSU)

Dr Abigaba Mary Poche

Dr. Poche heads AMSU’s Mediation and Arbitration Practice Training Department.  She is an international senior lecturer who holds a Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Sunderland – United Kingdom, a Master of Arts in Public Administration and Management and a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in Political Science – both from Makerere University-Uganda. She is the author of “The Democratization of Post-Independence Uganda under a No-Party System” and has 20 years of teaching experience in universities – in the United States of America, United Kingdom and in Africa (Tanzania and Uganda) – focused on Democratization, Good Governance, Classical and Modern Political Thought, Decentralization and Development. She has consulted for leading global institutions on the above – matters – including with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and Copenhagen Consensus Center. She desires to contribute to opening paths to economic and social development and has dedicated years into interrogating how to resolve post conflict challenges – in development –deficit contexts.  She believes in the power of education as the fiber that breaks barriers and equips people with skills that empower them towards prosperity.

Dr Poche is very keen to developing Alternative Dispute Resolution practice in communities mainly because it is a key tool to empower the less privileged in society and a way to speed up access to justice.